WOODCO USA© manufactures API licensed,
high-quality oilfield products designed and manufactured for long service.

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Our Company

WOODCO USA© has a long history of manufacturing quality products. Wood George established WOODCO USA & Co. as a private business in 1958. Originally, Wood George & Co. engaged in buying, repairing and selling used oilfield drilling equipment.

The subsequent owner, Ashley George, purchased and incorporated the business in the State of Texas in 1973. By 1975, the company evolved into a manufacturer of specialty oilfield products.

Wood George & Co. acquired its first American Petroleum Institute (API) Monogram license in 1978. Today, WOODCO USA currently has API licenses to manufacture and Monogram (mark with API Logo) equipment as specified in API Specifications.

In September 2022, WOODCO USA was acquired by the Texas Pipe Family of Companies, strengthening current business partnerships and welcoming new opportunities across different sectors and industries.

Our Mission

WOODCO USA shall manufacture high quality oilfield industry products that will function properly and never fail in service. We shall provide customers with a pleasant and satisfying purchasing and acquisition experience.

Our Quality Statement

WOODCO USA shall provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their specified requirements and the specified requirements of recognized industry standards, and we shall continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

We accomplish this by following our continually improving procedures and having objectives that recognize customer satisfaction and success as the primary goals.

*In compliance with API Spec Q-1

Our Employees

We at WOODCO USA believe that our most important asset, the knowledge and ability of our employees, sets us apart from competitors. The management at WOODCO USA recognizes learning as our most important activity.

WOODCO USA encourages employees to participate in industry standards activity, further their education, and study to improve their ability to deal with the new and unexpected.

Long-term employees have the greatest chance to learn and apply the lessons of experience, so we make every effort to reduce employee turnover. We know that customers come to know and trust long-term people.

Wide angle shot of a Woodco employee standing next to heavy machinery and appearing smaller in comparison.

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