WOODCO USA Manufactures and Offers for Sale, API 6A, 16A, 17D and 7K Oilfield Equipment,
and Other Branded Specialty Products.

Pressure Control Equipment Safety

If you want Safety from first day of use, to the day you choose to retire them, purchase your API Pressure Control, Flanged, Clamp or Union Connected Fittings, from WOODCO USA.

In the more than 40 years customers have bought these products from WOODCO USA,  there has not been a single report of installed equipment failure to perform. Purchase WOODCO USA Brand Products and this record will be your’s as well.  

WOODCO USA  manufactures all types of oilfield equipment necessary to adapt together, space apart and join, flanged, hubbed, and union connected Wellhead components, BOP stacks, and Choke and Kill Manifold systems, etc.
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Why Choose the WOODCO USA® Brand?


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